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The Best Driving school and Driving Instructor Gary! Very patient, calm, professional and always positive in everyway. I just passed my road test today, I really thought I messed it up but mang Gary has been like a ray of sunshine, always positive towards me, he always say not to lose hope and we can always correct my mistakes in driving. True enough I passed! Thank you so much! Appreciate your patience and hard work! Will recommend to anyone and please don't lose hope! --- Glen S.

The best! I passed my road test recently. Gary is so calm, supportive, and he knows what he’s doing. --- Patricia D.

I wish I can give Gary a 100 stars! He is so patient and a superb driving instructor! Highly recommend! The best!

--- Kristine I.

kuya Gary is the Best! Calm and very professional and Detailed.Thank you Kuya Gary. --- JD

Great Driving School with a very good and patient instructor. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to learn how to drive.     --- Michelle I.

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